Frequently Asked Questions


  • What areas do you ship?

We ship to Cancun Area (Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos, Cancun, Costa Mujeres)

  • Do you ship to Isla Mujeres or Cozumel?

At the moment we do not offer shipping to Isla Mujeres or Cozumel. We are currently working on improving this, so we can offer it to you soon! Stay tuned!

  • How much shipping costs?

Any order above $45 is entitled for a free shipping. If your order is less than that, the shipping price will be shown at checkout. Shipping costs will vary depending on which area the hotel is in.

  • I entered a wrong information in the shipping address, what do I do?

Please email us with the correct shipping address and your order number, so we can assist you.

  • When will I receive my signs?

The signs will be shipped to the hotel your wedding is at, and it will arrive 2-4 days before the wedding date. Please inform the weddings department that a package will arrive under your name.


  • What Products do you offer?

We hand make lovely acrylic wedding signs for your most special day. We can offer different signs to add a touch on your wedding day.

  • What materials do you use?

We use premium clear acrylic, paints, and permanent vinyl for the designs. All materials are purchased locally, helping small businesses and local community.

  • Can I customize the background color?

We offer predefined colors which are the most loved for weddings. If you would like to have a different, personalized color, please reach out to us!

  • Can I customize the fonts of the sign?

We have designed the wedding signs in the most aesthetic way to fit into the different wedding themes that you may have. If you have a special font to use, please reach out to us!

  • How long does it take to produce each piece?

Because we make handmade products with love, the order must be placed at least 4 weeks before the wedding date to allow a personal production. Orders made with a wedding date before 4 weeks cannot be guaranteed.

Returns & Cancellations

  • Can I return my purchase?

We hand make our products for each order. Because of this, unfortunately we do not accept return of products. Please review your order clearly before proceeding with payment.

  • Can I cancel my purchase after placing the order?

We hand make our products for each order. Because of this all orders are non-refundable. We strongly recommend you to review your order clearly before proceeding with payment.

Care Guidelines

  • Wrapping

Signs are wrapped individually to avoid damages during shipping or by weather. Please keep in the wrapping until the event to avoid scratches on the sign. Avoid stacking the signs without any protective sheet, tropical temperature may cause them to stick if stacked directly.

  • Do I need to clean the signs?

All signs are cleaned right before packaged. If during unboxing or handling the sings get dirty, please use a microfiber with glass cleaner to wipe gently.

  • What do I do with my signs after my wedding?

Each sign can be a great keepsake to keep at home. We encourage you to reuse the signs in your house, so you can always have a reminder of this beautiful day.