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Do I need wedding signs?

As soon as you decide you want a Destination Wedding, you have made a decision of having an out of the box wedding. You can make the wedding as you wish, either more traditional, or not traditional at all, just decide on what makes you feel comfortable. Imagine having a welcome event, either private or non private, maybe having a cocktail hour between ceremony and reception, or not, or even deciding on a casual non private dinner for your wedding day; with destinations weddings, the sky is the limit for what you can do on your big day.

In some hotels, the ceremony, cocktail and reception may be in different locations, so it is great to have signs that identify that the guests are in the correct location. A Welcome Sign can do this trick, and is an elegant way of welcoming your guests to your celebration. The best thing, the Welcome Signs can be moved from ceremony, to cocktail and then to reception.

For the ceremony, one of the best signs to have is of an unplugged ceremony. This is the moment that you and all your guests have come to celebrate, and is the moment where you will have the best pictures! With an unplugged ceremony you are informing your guests that you have hired a great photographer to have all the photos taken, and for your guests to just enjoy and take in the moment, so you do not have any photos of guests with phones out.

You can definitely add signs for cocktail hour and reception. Most popular signs for these events are the following:

• His & Hers Drinks - signature drinks that identify each one of you, a great way to welcoming them to the dinner party
Sip & Seat - this will instruct your guests to take their seats in a fun way
• Seating Chart - with this sign your guests will know the seats that they were assigned. It is always recommended to do a seating chart in order to have a more organized wedding dinner/reception
Table Numbers - to identify each table, so each guest can find their seats correctly
Guest Book - there are many ways to do a guest book, but a beautiful sign to make your guests remember to sign is a great detail to have by a welcome table
• Bar - you can create a fun sign to distinguish the bar or inform the guests of the drinks being offered
Gifts & Cards / Thank You - Small table top signs like these will add a personalized touch to your welcome table, and will allow you to show appreciation to your guests for coming

There are so many more signs that you can add to any event or moment of your wedding, and each one of them will bring a special touch that will make your guests never forget your most important day.

Don’t forget!! Some of these signs can be a great keepsake for home that will always remind you of the best day of your lives!

Happy Planning!

P.S. Comment below on the most of out of the box detail that you would like for your wedding!

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